Condolence & Memory Journal

So sorry to hear of Andy's passing. He and his family were an important and happy time of my life. He was always kind and I enjoyed my times with you both. He is with God and God is with you.

Lillian (my mother) is living with me also and asked me to tell you how sorry she is. Her words "He was always such a nice young man."

Posted by Christine Hamlin Adolph - Albuquerque, NM - Family   January 01, 2021

So sorry to hear of Andy's passing. He and his family were an important and happy time of my life. He was always kind and I enjoyed my times with you both. He is with God and God is with you.

Posted by Christine Hamlin Adolph - Family   January 01, 2021

Dear Shirley,
We were sorry to read of Andy's death in the paper this week. What a wonderful life you two lived. We will miss seeing him at class reunions but hopefully we will be able to see you. We will remember you and your family in our prayers.
With sympathy,
Mary and Emmett Stevermer

Posted by Mary and Emmett Stevermer - IA - Friend   June 10, 2020

So very sorry for your loss. He was so fortunate to have your love and support, especially the past few months. May you all have peace now.❤

Posted by Kristine Irvine - Albert Lea, MN - Friend   June 02, 2020

We have a lovely memory of Andy cooking corn-on-the-cob from his farm in a big barrel for our daughter and son-in-law's groom's dinner picnic. Jaylene and I had to run to a mini-mart to buy salt and pepper. He was such a nice man.PleSe accept our sympathy.

Posted by Faith Graefe - Family Friend   June 01, 2020

Dan, we are so sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. Thinking of you and your family at this time. Prayers for you all.

Posted by Ruth and Tom Warren - Ft Collins, CO - Friend   May 30, 2020

My sympathies to the Gudal family. Andy and Shirley always seemed to be part of growing up in Bricelyn along with the Gudal family. Special condolences to Shirley, Robin and Greg.

Posted by Carol Rosedahl/Olson - Menomonie, WI - Acquaintance   May 28, 2020

One of my fondest memories was when Andy took a bunch of us boy scouts all the way up to Atikokan Ontario for a week's long canoe and camping adventure in the summer of 1977. (I remember it was 1977 because we stayed at a Motel in International Falls on the way back home and a bunch of us hiked a couple of miles into town to see the new Star Wars movie!) We had a blast and I think Andy had fun too he started calling me the Soothsayer because he believed I could predict the weather. One day early in the morning I said something like I think it's going to rain I can see the clouds stacked up for miles! and it turned out to be true it rained all day.
On one occasion during the trip, we settled into a campsite that was near an awesome concave cliff that we could easily climb and was perfect for jumping into the water. We were safe by measuring the water depth in the landing area carefully before we did any jumping (we had future engineers and architects in the group) the cliff was only about 15 feet high, which does not sound too bad, but it's plenty high when you are standing on top of the cliff looking straight down into the water. Anyway we all had several turns jumping off the cliff, and somehow we convinced Andy to give it a try he got up there and he was NOT going to jump no way - but we all started to encourage him to go for it after much friendly coaxing we finally bribed him with a fish dinner of his choice on the way home if he jumped. After a VERY long pause, he did it! We all just hooted, cheered and hollered and we made good on the fish dinner on the way home.
Andy was just like the sons he raised: kind, generous, strong, fun, smart, hard working and not afraid to have a good laugh. They say it takes a village to raise a child I am forever grateful that Andy, Shirley and their boys were part of the village that raised me.

Posted by Luther Moen - DEEP RIVER, CT - Family Friend   May 27, 2020

We are honored that we got to meet and spend some time with Andy Greg and robin are our landlords that's how we met Andy he always had a smile on his face and kind words my he now be free of all pain and illnesses may he always shine brightly over everyone he came in contact with he will forever be in our hearts and thought you will be miss Andy god bless you and keep you safe up in haven

Posted by Danny and Rhonda McGiure - Albert Lea, MN - Family Friend   May 27, 2020

Andy was a fella that was quick with a joke, always had a smile and a heart bigger than life. I worked for him over the summers or whenever needed through my high school years. He, Shirley and the whole family for that matter have always been a part of my life. I moved to Dallas, I think in 1983. I was working in a mall over Thanksgiving which was my first stint away from home. I was working at the footlocker in the Red Bird Mall. In the door came he and Shirley and brightened my whole World (Never in a Million years would I have expected to see them! How, did they know where I worked?). I ended up spending Thanksgiving with the Gudal family in Arlington, TX and very soon after moved in with Dave and Missy. What a blessing that was in my life. Looking back I can see how important that was in my life and definitely has contributed to my success today. The Gudal's have always been there for me!!

A few years ago Andy told me he had a confession to make! Of course, he had the smirky smile and it took him a second to get it all out. I used to get so frustrated when bailing hay because whenever I was on the rack it was an all out sprint to get to the bails before they piled up. Yes, Andy was on the tractor and the smirky, smile was present! Everyone else had no problem keeping up so I busted my tail as to not be that guy...after all, I was bigger and stronger and let's face it Tim was not that fast;-) So Andy says to know when we bailed hay and you were on the rack! I said, yes! I always drove the tractor a gear higher...laughter abounded from him! Since Tubber (Tim) was fullback he wanted to make sure I was in the best shape to prevent any possible injury! Oh, and Gabby wanted to make sure you were great shape come August. Of course he laughed and laughed only like Andy could do. So it was a confession but he would do it all over again if he had too;-) He, Shirley and the Gudal family have and are special to me! He will be missed!!!

Posted by Don Soper - Aubrey, TX - Family Friend   May 27, 2020